Qualities that a Great Wedding Photographer Has

wedding photography tipsGear

A great wedding photographer knows that his gear is his most important investment. This is the first thing that you should be concerned about if you ever have any kind of plans of launching a wedding photography business by all means. To start off, you would have to come with three cameras. These three cameras should be top of the line and high end enough for you to capture images that are high quality enough for you to be able to market that quality professionally. The first two cameras are to be your main gear while the third camera is to be your reserve gear for when your first two cameras break down or whatever may happen to them while you are in the middle of an event or even during a shoot.


A professional wedding photographer also knows that excellent results require excellent skills and service and those are things that cannot be rushed by any means whatsoever. Sometimes, you might be required to put in more time than you have initially quoted and that is all part of the territory at some point. Although this may be an occasional occurrence, you should still go out of your way to make sure that you are someone who works hard but works fast and efficiently. To dilly dally too much would mean that most of your extra time will be wasted and that means that you miss out using that time for more important endeavors that will earn you more money than usual.


Commit to keeping open lines of communication with your clients. Your concern should be to understand what they would like to have and what they need. Most photographers do not appreciate the value of this kind of relationship with the clients but this is something that will serve you extremely well especially in instances wherein there are last minute changes or compromises that need to be taken. If you know your clients better, you will run less risks of dissatisfying them and you will be able to deliver just the exact kind of product and service that they signed up for.

Working Team

A smart wedding photographer also knows that he needs a team when he is covering wedding events. A team is crucial to the success of the coverage. The photography aspect alone has two main central points. The first point is that you should take over the must-have shots. These are the pre-agreed moments with the clients and are the same moments that you cannot afford to miss at all. The second point is ideally for the second camera (ideally for the second person in your team). The second camera will be for the other extra shots of the guests and all the other events that would have to be documented but are not on the must-have list. The third person is ideally in charge of the accessories, and lugging the equipment around.

Again, we reiterate on the point that a professional wedding photographer cheshire does not sit around wasting time. He works hard and works extremely fast. It takes a lot of practice and certainly something that does not happen overnight but the right kind of focus and commitment, this is something that you should be able to achieve.

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How to be an Expert Documentary Wedding Photographer

documentary wedding photography

Take photos of people while they are walking

If there is anything that fits smack right in the criteria of documentary wedding photography, it would have to be photos of people walking. Weddings have a lot of parts wherein people are walking. As someone who is aiming to be a documentary wedding photographer, you should be able to capitalize on this fact by taking great photos out of the walking scenes. It doesn’t all have to be “live” either. You can stage it or choreograph it and with the right kind of amount or timing, it will still manage to come out looking natural and authentic, which is what this kind of photography style is aiming for. Walking relaxes people and makes them feel much more at ease than they normally would. You can add on to this by making your presence as little known as possible. Use as much natural light as you can and try to veer away from using the distractive flash if you can help it.

Let people have fun while you get their photos taken

People look great when they have fun. They come out looking more casual and natural and that is what the documentary wedding photography style is all about. Encourage a little personality every once in a while. It does not always have to be all serious and staged and you can really take advantage of a little spontaneity and fun when it all comes down to it.

Let people have a little more personality when they get their group photos taken

This is where the so-called “wacky” photos basically come in. There is a certain authenticity that comes along with people who are just basking in the moment and soaking in the camaraderie. The beauty in people comes with the fact that they are individuals and the fact that each and every one has something to bring to the table for as far as the photos are concerned. Let them laugh and enjoy the company of each other and be there to document it. Natural wedding photography is romantic and personal and personality coming from the people you take photos of will really bring that in.

Learn how to identify when people are engaged in meaningful conversation even from afar

Weddings are emotional events and if you are able to learn how to spot these conversations and document them accordingly without bringing too much attention to yourself, you have all the perfect ingredients that will more or less bring your natural wedding photography style together.

Do the “almost kiss” pose for the couples

These kinds of photos look interesting and romantic and appeals to the suspense and intrigue that comes along with weddings in general. Couples almost kissing is one of the oldest tricks in the book but it’s there for a really great reason – and that’s because it works.

Talk to the people you photograph while you’re getting their photos taken

People like to be treated like people, period. Talk to them and make them feel at ease while you’re getting the photos taken and it should elicit the most natural of poses and facial expressions.

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Essential Baby Photography Tips You Should Know

baby photographyBabies are adorable and every doting parent will tell you that they will absolutely not let the moment pass without documenting it properly. Of course, you already know this if you’re a parent yourself. If you’re not though, be advised that there is some serious business to be drummed out of the baby photography niche. If this is something that you probably have not ventured into before, there are very few things that you would need to take note of and we have included some of them in this article to serve as a guide to the ultimate beginner.

Make sure that you are efficient with your time and manage it well, especially during the moments when the baby is in a relatively great disposition. You have to always be on your toes because their moods can change at any given moment and at any given time. You have to bring in the most of your shots because chances are, if you let it pass without taking the most photos and the baby decides to have a tantrum all of a sudden, there’s not much left that you will be able to do.

Get your hands on a lot of baby photography props

This will seriously help you out a lot in coming up with great baby photos. Baby photo shoots won’t come out quite right without the right assortment of props so invest wisely. You’re going to need a nice variety of blankets, wraps, some furs maybe, varied head gears for both baby boys and baby girls, and yes, even crates and baskets to put the baby in.

Keep your props clean and well maintained

Once you’re actually amassed a decent collection of baby photography props, you should go out of your way to make sure that you always keep them clean and maintained. Diapers do not look good in photographs so most babies are actually being filmed in the buff with just the blankets and wraps as strategic covers so there’s a good chance they’re going to be barfed on or peed on. Just give it a quick throw in the washer after every use and you should be just fine.

Bring in the siblings if the baby has any

They make for great photos too! If a baby has siblings, recruiting them in the photo shoot can be a great idea. It’s a nice touch to immortalize a shared childhood in the photos so keep this in mind for your future projects.

If you can, try to see if you can schedule the photo shoot during the mornings. Mornings are the best time to film babies because for lack of any better way of saying this, they are much more accommodating and amiable during the mornings. They’re fresh from a recent bath and are probably sleepy from being recently fed – this is the perfect time for you to “mold” them into whatever poses you might want to put them in.

Make the most use out of natural light

If you can and try to veer away from using flash as much as possible. Sleeping babies and intrusive light coming from camera flashes is no good combination. This can be irritating and disturbing and you don’t want that at all. Make use of a well placed window for a good abundance of natural light and minimize your usage of flash.

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Picking a Choice Among Wedding Photographers

wedding photography tipsShopping around is a behavior that a lot of people have become adept to and sometimes even really great with. This is common among women but not as strange as it may sound among men as well. After all, it means you are valuing your money and making sure that you are getting the best of the best there is for the amount that you are shelling out. It is not the easiest thing to do though, if you’re shopping around for services. As opposed to just shopping for things, it takes so many more elements to review when you’re shopping around for services. Plus, there are people that you would need to say “no” to or reject and that’s the hardest part in the entire process, really. This is a dilemma that has haunted brides and grooms year after year. So what are the options that go ahead with picking the right wedding photographer surrey to cover the most important event of your life?


Always start off with the portfolio. Most, if not all of the professional photographers out there actually have online portfolios set up and readily available to the public – even anonymously. This can tremendously save you time and effort because you get to look at their best works without even having to contact them and meet them face to face just yet. This is also one of the most objective aspects of the selection process because unless you have previously known them or heard of them, you are basically judging them solely based on the impression you’re getting of their works posted in their online portfolios. If you immediately decide that what they mostly do does not fit your criteria, you can just cross them out of the list just like that – no hassles, well-worded rejection statements, whatsoever.


The next things for you to consider are the packages that they have to offer out to you. Go with something that has the best value for your money with most of the services that you actually want and need. More often than not, there will be about 3-5 packages right across the board. Commonly enough, most brides and grooms opt for the mid-range packages. It is probably because it is a sort of balance between the price and the amount of services they will be getting. They’re not opting for the most expensive package because some might feel that it is bit overkill but they don’t want to cheapen out as well by getting the most basic package so more often than not, they go for the median packages. Also put up an a la carte list of your services just in case your clients want to customize their own service package.


Lastly, check what kind of gear they have. Just at least have a quick look at it and ask if those are what they usually bring during official shoots. You may not know a lot of technical details but you are looking for at least two DSLR cameras with at least two different kinds of lenses, a flash gun on a flash bracket, and some kind of reflector. You are also looking for a lot of extra batteries, memory cards, and the works that will serve as backup in case something happens to the primary gear.

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Newborn Baby Photography Tips That Are Easy To Remember

newborn baby photographyNewborn baby photography and its market has slowly been growing and gaining traction over the years that it is now a fully fledged market these days. It is adorable and memorable and it is a great honor to be asked by the parents to immortalize their babies in pictures. Time is fleeting and babies grow up so fast that parents want something to hold on to and look at to remind them of how precious life is and how adorable they were when they were still so little. Sure, props make the pictures really interesting and fun and there are so many out there that you can use but the truth of the matter is, if you’re just starting out, all you need to remember is that people are asking you to photograph their babies not so that they can see them in all of these assorted props available but because they want the focus to be on the baby.

Prepare everything ahead of time

The thing with newborn babies is that they tend to sleep a lot. This makes them easy to work with and pretty much easy to pose in whatever sleeping position you would like to keep them in. Make the studio warm enough for comfort but not too much that it becomes stifling. If you are to use wraps, blankets, fur or rugs of any kind for props, make sure that they have been washed and cleaned ahead of time and ready to use. Also have any supporting props available such as soft pillows, towels, and stuffed animals. Have your gear all set up and ready to film.

Film in the morning

It is usually best to film babies in the mornings, after they have been fed and are by then sleeping soundly. Babies tend to get crankier as the day wears on so you have to make sure that you are efficient and methodical with the way that you manage your time. Try to be patient as well and be a little more resourceful if things do not go as initially planned.

Never ever disturb a sleeping baby

This isn’t just valuable newborn photography Oxfordshire advice, mind you. This is also valuable parenting advice, in case you’ve never had any kids before. Get a window open and get as much natural light in as possible because it is highly discouraged for you to use flash. It is harsh lighting and can seriously disturb a sleeping baby which can cause an issue with your photo shooting schedule.

Siblings are always welcome

If the baby has siblings, it is always a great and creative idea to include them in the shots. Have a huge assortment of pillows (and candies for bribes) ready and you should be good to go. Sibling photos are adorable because they are mementos of a shared childhood that will last the parents and kids a lifetime.

Lastly, babies are much sturdier than they look.

It’s quite easy to get anxious and daunted by the thought of having to pose babies but they’re actually pretty tough. They are also adorable and cute and awkward all at the same time. More importantly, remember that you are doing the parents a great service and do your best and it should all work out fine.

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Preparing for Newborn Photography

newborn photographySome people might see newborn photography as something that is not that hard to work on. It can seem like just a simple side gig that photographers get into every once in a while when the projects are slow but the truth be told, there is much more work coming into it than you might initially think. A photographer who would like to dabble in a job like this would mean that there are things to be prepared for well ahead of time.

Baby’s age

The first thing that you would need to find out as a photographer starting out with newborn photography would have to be the baby’s age. This will enable you to see what kind of poses you will be able to get the baby in and what kind of accessories will work for that said photo shoot the moment that the right time for it comes along. A baby that is usually two weeks and below would be perfect posing for the photos of him or her sleeping while a baby who is 6 weeks or more would be perfect for the sitting up photos. The candid photos will be great for babies aged 12 weeks or more whereas macro shots are perfect for almost any kind of age.

Nice and artsy blankets

You will also need a lot of nice and artsy blankets for the baby to be able to sleep on all throughout the time that you are filming or doing the photo shoot. Make sure that they rugs are clean or at least well laundered just to ensure that they are healthy enough for the baby to roll around in or sleep on. Make sure that the backdrops are clean too just in case that you will be using them.


Get a lot of toys to help keep the baby distracted. You have to understand though that this is something short term and not a permanent fix for when the baby loses his or her mood so you have to understand that your time is very limited and you should make the most out of it. Try to invest in toys that are colorful and squeaky. They also like the particularly dangly ones that you can hang from somewhere and somewhat float around.

Personal accessories

Get personal accessories for the baby like adorable costumes, head bands, or anything that might go well with the theme that you are aiming for. Also, baskets and other kinds of containers and the like are also great for photos.

Macro lens

Invest in a macro lens. There is something particularly touching and personal. The best time to get to pull in those shots is for when the baby is fast asleep. This will make it easy for you to have a good close up on the feet, the hands, the face, the ears, and every other itty bitty adorable detail.

Knee pads

Also, make sure that you bring knee pads along or any kind of material that you will be able to kneel on for really long periods of time and to make sure that your knees are not chafed. An average time to film Calgary newborn photography would be around two to four hours so be patient and try to be calm as much as possible.

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What is “Reportage” Wedding Photography?

reportage wedding photographyProfessional photography can get a bit complex, especially if you consider the variety of styles available to choose from. As you make your informed choice, you need to know about the particular styles. This piece is crafted to explain the term “Reportage” as popularly used in wedding photography.

What is Reportage Photography?

Generally, “reportage” that is used frequently in the photography world; it represents a unique style that captures the real story and emotions at the time the photos were taken. It is not about making a particular pose for a photo shot, it’s about shooting the photos on the moment. It is basically how you create a photo that will give heartfelt emotions to subject.

While you plan your wedding, particularly for your wedding photography the reportage technique is what can truly tell your wedding story in a more appealing style.

History of Reportage photography

Reportage officially originated from photojournalism, a style where you actually tell a story through pictures. The photo is actually captured in its purest form; it is how it reveals its true beauty.

Though reportage photography can be used on any events or occasions, weddings particularly need it more. Photography shouldn’t interrupt such a special moment in any way. Your wedding photos should in the best way possible capture the real true emotions at that particular time the photo was actually shot.

‘Reportage’ Wedding Photography

Traditionally, the bride and groom would have to pose for photos before actually cutting the cake. Reportage photography in modern weddings will allow everything to continue as planned without having to stop for the shots. This technique helps create vivid photographs and this why this documentary wedding photographer applies this style most of the time.

As you find your wedding photography company, you need to know that capturing the best photos by this technique is rather complex and only takes an expert to do it right. It is not just about taking some shots, its more about knowing the right moment to take the snapshot.

Before you hire any particular company for photography, you need to confirm with them if the understand this art is photography. You may want to take a preview of some of their work; they definitely should have a portfolio for you to look at. Take time to learn about what other companies have to offer, this way you can easily make an informed decision based on what you have seen from their portfolios.

You need your wedding photos to capture the artistic nature of the events to convey the real atmosphere at the particular moments that they are captured.

Reportage photography has been able to offer a unique perspective particularly when talking about wedding photography. There are many companies that are in photography business but cannot offer such a unique photography style at its best. Basically, you have to do an extensive research on this subject as you shop for the best offer. You will consider the cost and the offers the company has for its clients. Pay more attention to detail if you are looking to get the best deal out of this. know your basic terms too as you seek your photography style.

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How to Find a Good Photography for Your Family’s First Portrait

family portraitFinding a good photographer for your family’s first portrait could be overwhelming, if you do not know how. Just like when choosing a good dentist, a pediatrician, or a doctor, you want to look for a professional photographer who is experienced, friendly, and someone whom you always look forward to see or meet. (Okay, maybe not the dentist!)

Taking that first step in finding a good photographer for your family portrait in itself is a big hurdle. You could be waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment, waiting for someone lose that 5 lbs weight or your teenager to get rid of his/her braces off first. However, here is the biggest tip: that ‘perfect’ moment to take your family portrait will never come.

Your family is ‘perfect’ just the way they are, even if you might think so later!

To make everything easy and simple, just remember the quote from Nike and “Just Do It!” We bet that when your kids are grown and you people look back at your family portraits, you will never regret having those photos taken… never.

With that in mind, we have put up some tips for you to find a good photography for your family’s first portrait.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Everyone knows a photographer these days. There must be a wall with a family portrait hanging on your friend’s house. You can ask them. Alternatively, you can Google to find websites of photographers whose style fits you and your family.

You want a family portrait art that is not only going to look great on your walls, but also that matches with your home decor.

You should also make notes of images you see on their websites, blogs, or social media sites. Is the light pleasing? Is the image well composed? Does the photographer bring out the uniqueness of the family through their photography? Do you like how they edit and crop an image?

In addition, you can visit their website and view their ‘galleries’ to see if they have an entire session displayed, or just one or two images from many sessions?

Tip #2: Style that Fits Your Family Portraits

Most photographers often have a specific style that is visible throughout their work, while others change their photography with changing trends or with clients who ask them to change. We highly recommend that you look for a good photographer whose professional work consistently demonstrates the style that you are look for your family portraits.

You also want to hire a photographer who is experienced and comfortable taking family portraits, whether it is just a family of three, parents with teenagers and dogs and cats, or a large extended family group. A good photographer knows how to work with all kinds of family. They know how to instruct the family members to stand or sit in a manner that is flattering, but as you will soon find, other do not. They know how to make a fine portrait with a ‘proper’ lighting and posing.

If you need to take a family portrait in the beach, make sure to interview a photographer who has photographed families in the beach at the ‘right’ time of the day with beautiful sunsets, if that is what you are looking for. To be honest, not all photographers have the necessary lighting equipment to achieve this. This is because some professional photographers are just people with a camera, and some are certified professionals, while ‘true’ photographers have spent years in creating beautiful family portrait art.

Tip #3: Ask for Referrals

If you have trouble finding a good photographer berkshire for a family portrait using the above tip, then visit your friends and ask them for referrals. If you see a beautiful family portrait on the house of one of your friends, ask them where/how did they find the professional photographer and if they would recommend their photographer. Ask them how the session was. Was it fun? It should be! How did they interact with the children? Was the family portrait photographer friendly and outgoing and were they comfortable and at ease during the session?

Conclusion: If you were unsure how to find good photographer for your first family portraits, we bet that these top tips will help you find the right photographer that fits the style that you are looking for. All you have to do is do some research online, look for a photographer whose professional work consistently demonstrates the style that you are looking for, or ask your friends for referrals.

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The Perfect Equipment For Your Home Portrait Studio

home portrait studioAre you a professional or amateur photographer? Then, you should consider the idea of setting up your own home portrait studio; this will be of help and benefit. This will reduce the huge cost of owning space, reduce the disturbances around you, in the long run you will realize and learn more skills at your home.

Portrait photography is one of the rewarding tasks, but it comes too with its challenges. The most influential challenge is choosing the right equipment for your home portrait studio. Your home portrait studio should be one that will attract more clients, so it must be given much priority as to what make up your studio.

Light Source

Light is the most essential thing you should consider in your home studio. For the crystal and clear photos consider the source of your light. Some of the cameras come with light flasher however; they aren’t the only source of light.

Additionally, setting up your camera position is important as you need to configure it not directly as to the lights. Whenever you are not using the flash, mount the speed lights on the sides and avoid directly facing the camera. Place the speed lights strategically so as not to affect the quality of the photos.

Background Support System

Background support system is necessary to make your photos appear nice and should be portable to ensure that you can take photos on the position deserved by the client. Home portrait studios might sometimes need to go to the neighbor to take photos and portability of the background system makes it simple and faster.

The best material to be used as a background is a paper or muslin. This is because of its smoothness, cheap and whenever it attracts dirt you can cut the dirty piece. Sheets especially the plain ones are not the best as they are affected by wrinkles requiring frequent ironing. Finally, consider the background system that has adjustable clamps that will hold the paper.

Umbrella, Light Stands and Adapters

Luckily, out there are many types of light stands you can choose from. Light stands are used to trigger speed lights and it’s wise to pick which stands out with quality and affordable. The umbrella is useful in making sure that the right quantity of light is available for the photographer. Umbrella adapter will help in holding the speed light and umbrella in the right position.


To make sure your home portrait photos appear without being blurred, and then you should consider a home where there are no colors. This is usually from the walls of your home; let them have no colors at all. Make sure the background your home studio is plain to make the photo presentable.

Photographs use light to make sure the image appears; on the other hand colors have an effect on the light. When light hit on the colored walls, the light will bounced back with the same colors hence ending up affecting the quality of your photos. For the best home portrait studio make sure there are no colors at all.

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Canon5D Mark III DSLR Camera Review

Canon 5D Mark IIICanon 5D Mark III DSLR camera release met high expectation of enthusiastic photographers and refining their world of professional photography. This masterpiece was grounded from exceptional success of its predecessor, the Canon 5D Mark II that introduced excellent digital experience with its supreme resolution of 21.1 megapixels and impressive quality on its 1080p HD video capture capabilities resulting to sensational video production experience, and now for a review of the Canon5D Mark III DSLR camera.

Both Mark III and Mark II have a striking resemblance on the outside but the Mark III wields major enhancements, the most notable feature that could also be the most important aspect for pros is the high density reticular AF system for hyper accurate focus, again it emulates the same system the impending 1D X uses, this is perfect for still images especially if you illustrate a steady hand and you also get to choose from a variety of presets and modes such as AI Servo, AI Focus and One Shot. However this feature is slow in live view mode.

It is also notable that you might find the Mark III slightly heavier weighing 950g and bigger volume of 152 x 116.4 x 76.4mm than the Mark II, but its magnesium alloy body is designed with shutter durability as a longer lasting solution, has a beautiful texture with comfortable firm hand grip, a fortification against moisture and dust particles to give you weather resistance advantage and a convenient cleaning system that has enhanced vibration based dirt elimination. You will find this to be pretty exciting as it ensures remarkable performance despite any weather condition thrown its way.

What’s more is that Mark III bears great handling capabilities since most of the controls are within comfortable reach, a smaller control wheel is located on top of the hand grip available to your left index figure or the large spinning control for the right thumb. The rear control is easy to use and also has a switch change between on and off. You can efficiently apply changes to the settings with your left hand and cross check images with the other hand.

Optical viewfinder

Another handy tool is the intelligent optical viewfinder that has been enhanced to gives 100% field of view, dioptre correction, a magnification of 0.71x and a wide viewing 34.1% angle. The 3.2-inch Clear View II LCD main monitor with an anti reflection multi coating has an awesome resolution of about 1,040,000 dots a smaller monochrome LCD screen.

High resolution

Mark III features rich and detailed images with high resolution of about 5760 x 3840 pixels thanks to the new 22.3 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor. It has a DIGIC 5+ image processor to ensure high image processing speeds encouraging continuous shooting rate and also initiates accuracy. This processing power maintains incredible clean images even in low light from the wide assortment of ISO setting 100 25600 (L: 50; H1:51200; H2:102400), enables a convenient chromatic aberration benefit and enhance the 14-bit A/D conversions and multi exposure capabilities.

Multiple Frame Rates

When it comes to video proficiency, this camera supports multiple frame rates, the H.264/MPEG -4 AVC codec, automatic partitioning of large files, manual audio and exposure control when shooting full HD movies. It has an embedded time code long recording time of maximum 30 minutes.

This baby is well accessorized, we have a GPS receiver, dual card slots, HDMI mini out port, inbuilt microphone and headphone ports, Gigabit Ethernet connection, FTP EOS and WFT server utility modes support, dual axis electronic level and 2 LP-E6 batteries support just to list a few.


Powerful processor, awesome still/video image quality, powerful AF system, wide range of configurations, all weather housing, user friendly interface.


Bulky, slow in live view mode, noisy and pricey

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Classic Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding photography is classic and timeless. It has been a long and sort of traditional practice. After all, weddings have been around for quite as long as people can remember and people from all walks of life and coming from different parts of the world has long been documenting them through mementos and photographs. Now that we are in the digital age, the fascination to capture those moments just seemed to amplify some more. Nowadays, there is an undeniably lucrative booming market for wedding photography and it shows no signs of ebbing away. This can probably be attributed to the fact that people get married everyday so when you come to think of it, the proverbial well never really dries up for professional photographers who are looking to do this full time for a living.

Fleeting moments must be captured

The thing with wedding photography is that although there is a sequence of events, it really is quite un-choreographed and moments may pass by as swiftly as they come. That is why it is extremely important for a wedding photographer to be always on his or her toes and watch out for those precious moments; they can be anything: a fleeting smile, the way the groom’s eyes light up the moment the bride enters the room, the bride’s veil wafting against the breeze just right before they open up the church doors, and so on. Weddings are emotionally charged events that are romantic and the real challenge there is to be able to capture the moments as they fly by so that the couple and their families and friends will have something to look at even after the wedding.

There are some techniques that have worked for professional photographers for years and here are a few of them:

Always bring more than just one camera and more than just one lens

The concept behind this is the common sense that it is far faster to switch in between cameras than to switch in between lenses. Ideally, one good way for you to start out would be to bring along a camera armed with a wide angle lens for the group shots and for you to be able to take panoramic photos of the wedding photos and another one with a telephoto lens so you can take those gorgeous portrait photos that are quintessential to wedding photography.

Shoot in RAW format

This next tip isn’t classic but digital cameras have been around for quite some time now and photographers have been doing this for years: always shoot in RAW format. Yes, it takes up more memory but the thing with this kind of format is that it captures all of the info and all of the details of that moment. It does not compress anything and does not auto adjust anything so the image comes out just as you took it. It also enables you to play around with how you manipulate the photos post shoot, making it more feasible for you to come up with those brilliantly edited photos.

Lastly, go out of your way to prepare for backup

Have a whole stash of memory cards and make sure that you never run out all throughout the event. More shots taken mean more options for you the moment the editing process rears its head. Have batteries backed up as well and make sure your gear is always cleaned and prepped. Stick with these basics and you should be just fine.

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Why Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer?

professional wedding photographerWhile you are planning your wedding, you are going to be entering into a completely different world that is a whirlwind of vendors, attire, venues and small details. While you may be shocked at the price tag that you will find on a lot of these items, there are several areas where you are not going to want to cut corners. For starters, it is going to be important that you think about your options in hiring a professional wedding photographer.

Once your big day is over and done with, all you are going to have left is the memories and the photographs that were taken. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of couples will realize that they should not have cut corners until after the wedding when they look through the photos that were taken by someone who had limited skills.

Education and Equipment

Professional photographers have taken the initiative to invest thousands of dollars into their education on photography as well as a collection of high quality equipment. These are individuals who thrive on word of mouth from happy clients, so you know that you are always going to be getting their best possible service whenever you hire them for your wedding. Each couple that a photographer has worked with can be a wonderful way to determine just how dedicated they are to their craft and making sure that their clients are as happy as possible.

Engaging and Assertive

While you are looking for the right professional to take all of your wedding photographs, there are several things that you should be looking for. To start off with, you need to have someone who is both engaging and assertive. This will help them to be sure that they are able to get all of the images that you want to have without running the risk of irritating you or your guests that are in attendance. This is something that requires a whole lot of professionalism, experience and a great personality.


Working with an amateur photographer may leave you feeling as though a lot was missed during your wedding and some of the shots may not come out as well as you had hoped. Because an amateur will not have all of the experience that is needed for an event of such a large scale, the chances are good that you will end up spending a lot of time during your wedding trying to remind him or her of the shots that you wanted to have taken.

Perfect pictures

While you are planning your wedding, you need to remember that this is a day that is only going to happen once. You need to hire a professional photographer so that you can be absolutely certain that all of the photographs are going to come out perfect and reflect all of the aspects of your big day. When all is said and done, you are going to be glad that you spent both the extra time and the extra portion of your budget on a professional wedding photographer.

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