4 Things You Need to Know About Natural Wedding Photography

Getting married is the best decision you ever made in your life.

natural wedding photographyTo be married to the person who makes your heart swell and your spirits soar is the greatest adventure of a lifetime. You are turning dreams into something real, something lasting, and you are looking forward to the big day when you finally say your vows and commit yourself to one person. Your wedding day cannot be re-created, and so you need to make sure that you have the best natural wedding photography that you can afford. Your wedding photographer needs to have the expertise to capture the true essence of a couple in their wedding day. You need to hire someone who has the professionalism to turn capturing genuine emotions into an exquisite art of photographs.

Real emotions are captured

In natural wedding photography, your wedding photographer can freeze time and capture real emotions from you and everyone else in your wedding day. The true essence of important people in your wedding venue is documented in a beautiful way. Natural photos are priceless, they will allow you to have a glimpse of how your family and friends truly feel on your wedding day. In the years after your special day, you can look at the photos and reminisce on your stunning journey to the altar.

You see things in a different light

Your natural wedding photos will make you see things that you are unaware of during your wedding. With you hundreds of guests, you are too busy to notice anything miniscule that happened. Your wedding photographer can expertly document every essential moments that will mean so much to you. You can see photos of relatives and friends whom you have lost touch with, and see how they marvel at your happiness. You get to witness with your eyes how delighted all your friends and families are with your union to the one you love through the photos that radiates so much life.

Natural photographs can be orchestrated

There are few times that in order to have the perfect natural wedding photography that you want, your wedding photographer will orchestrate to shoot natural photographs. These will not be posed photos, but orchestrated activities that will lead to capturing natural photographs. Your wedding photographer may ask you and your beloved to walk in the garden and talk about how you first met. Definitely, you both will have stars in your eyes as you talk about your precious first encounter as you walk naturally, and your expert wedding photographer will wait for that precious second when magic happened and take the shot. Though orchestrated, the photos are natural, not posed.

Your photographer walks around unnoticed

Natural wedding photography requires your wedding photographer to blend in with your guests unnoticed. It is quite a skill to smoothly walk around the venue and not get in the way of everyone, and gain your trust to grasp memorable moments and create your love history. Boho Chic Weddings can capture natural wedding photos like a ghost whom you will not even know is there to document your wedding day in such elegance and poise.

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Baby Photography: Getting the Baby to Cooperate

baby photographyFrom so many models and subjects that we’ve known, getting a baby to cooperate for a baby photography session is the hardest thing, yet. Children, adults, and teenagers understand the words we say, even though they may not know what’s going on. But at the very least, we can tell them where to look and direct them to get the pictures that we want.

But with babies? Even parents sometimes give up trying to get them to listen!

But with hard work…

It’s all about hard work. And a little bit of skill in communicating with young ones. It’s definitely not simple for those of you who never knew how to properly communicate with babies. But it’s not impossible and you just know how to get them to listen to you.

First of all, you have to show that you are not just a stranger in front of the baby. Get to know and spend some time with the baby by carrying him and playing with him for a while. You can do this for the first time you meet him by greeting the baby and call him by his name. When the baby knows you and is used to being around you, by then it’ll be easier to get his attention.

Now, let’s move on to the next step.

Ask the parents!

Get the parents to tell you about his child. What does he like? What does he hate? How can you get his attention best? If you check on pictures of baby photography from suekennedy.co.uk, you’ll see how those babies just love to work together with the photographer. You need your subject to also work with you like that.

The parent can also help you with directing the baby, so inform them about it beforehand. Tell them that you will probably need their help with directing the baby for the photography session. Sometimes the baby doesn’t want to listen to your voice when you are not familiar to him.

Help the baby get used to the set

Some babies are nervous about being in a place they are not used to in. It’s not a place that they feel comfortable expressing themselves at and that’s why they won’t appear the way their parents know them. One way to handle this is by helping the baby get used to the place and play with him for a while. Let him explore the place and learn about the place and the props around him.

Ask the parents to help guide them explore the place. Have the parents help the baby get ready for the session. Then you can start shooting!

Call his name!

Remember to call his name during the baby photography as if you are used to it! Instead of telling him to look in a certain direction, use a more interesting way to get his attention. Ask questions like ‘What is that?’, ‘What’s in that box?’, ‘What are you wearing?’. Make the baby involved and think about your question that will drive him to do something to know the answers. If you want the baby to look at the cake, ask him about it, for ex.

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This is How to Judge a Wedding Photographer

It is important to learn how we can see if a wedding photographer Kent is acting the way a professional should be.

wedding photographer KentA professional wedding photographer has the following characteristics that do not exist in those who are not really who you want to hire. If you follow these points of importance, we are sure that you will be able to see for yourself which photographer is worth your time.

Confident and friendly

A professional wedding photographer will definitely be confident about himself. This means, there is no doubt in his answers and he does that with words that show he knows what he’s doing. You might think that some photographers are introvert by nature and cannot really show the confidence that others do. Yet, if they are confident about their skills, they will be able to show it through their answers.

Friendly is another important qualification if you want to forge a good working relationship with them. The more comfortable you are around each other, the better it is for the pictures, why? Because the quality of your expressions depends on how comfortable you are being shot by the photographer. That person will have to direct you and take multiple pictures. If you can’t be comfortable, it will make you tense and cause the expressions you show to be unnatural.

Portfolios quality

The pictures that you see on their sites are often their best works. They want every potential client to look at those to attract people, including you. And you might have made several decisions based on those. But what you didn’t know is that not every wedding photographer Kent is consistent in their quality like www.pennyyoungphotography.com.

What do we mean by this? This means that those shots are simply lucky shots and the photographer is unable to maintain the consistency to provide pictures like that to every client. To get a better idea, ask for the photographer to bring more past works, preferably in a complete album form. It will help you get a better look at how your wedding album is going to look like.

Insured or not

A photographer who cares about his work will definitely get an insurance. It is not your fault that natural disaster happens or that someone stole your camera. But it is your fault to not take a step to prevent the damages when you could, such as getting an insurance. That protection does not only apply to the photographer, but also to you, the client.

If, for instance, the photographer accidentally causes an accident at the wedding, the insurance company will cover that. The wedding venue also typically prioritize wedding photographers that are insured as they are better to work with.


A wedding photographer Kent who cares about your wedding will not only be friendly to you. They will also ask you questions about your wedding. They will try their best to attend your wedding rehearsals and you can ask them if they are able to attend the consultation. They will also make sure to answer your solutions to dispel concerns from you. It’s what a professional does.

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3 Reasons to Take Your Family Portraits Now!

portrait photography studioWe are saying this because we know time ticks faster than you imagine. Before you realize it, you’ve missed so many precious moments you wanted to keep! With a portrait photography studio, you are able to preserve most precious family memories that you don’t want to miss having.

Time flies by

The first reason is that time only goes forward, not backward. Once you see something that you really want to take pictures of, you need to be quick to do it. As your children grow up, you won’t realize how short their childhood moments are.

The best time to take those pictures is now because later is too late. Don’t let your kids grow up without having some of those cute family pictures for you to keep.

There’s also the fact professional family photographers are not available all the time or forever. The right photographer to do the job matters a lot.

Get the right person

If you want to do it now, we have a family photographer that we know you will love. And there’s a very important reason for you to hire only professionals for the job. Professional family photographers know how to get the pictures from the right angle and how to make the family look good.

Taking family pictures is all about togetherness and creating some good memories together. Your photographer plays a major role in making sure that the session is a fun and memorable one because photography skill is only half of it.

We recommend you visit portrait photographer studio www.dundeephotographystudio.co.uk. The photographer is one of the best in the field and you know that you won’t be disappointed if you look at the pictures from this site.


There isn’t much reason to get the family together, but a family picture session always works. Everyone gets to gather in one place at one time and it’s worth the time. But that also means that you need to schedule things now and not wait any longer.

Everyone in the family will love having a big family picture taken, although it could be a really challenging thing to do. Again, it depends on how the photographer can arrange the family well into a beautiful family picture.

So, what are you waiting for? Time flies by and you never know when you will ever get the chance to take family pictures with your kids. That family photographer with that style won’t work forever. Now is the best time to make the decision to take those pictures.

Family portraits can be placed anywhere.

You can make a big print and hang them in the living room. You can use them as your computer’s wallpaper or print and place them on your coffee table. You can also put one on your working desk. But most of all, it’s the moment that was captured that matters. You will never have a chance to take pictures like that again.

There’s also the fact that high-quality family portraits can only be taken by professional photographers like those found in a portrait photography studio, so you need to hurry if you want to get that particular person for the job!

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Top Mistakes a Photographer Hampshire Can Make

photographer HampshireThe photographer Hampshire probably has your best interests at heart when he or she covers your event, but sometimes, life can be a little unhelpful. However, there are also times when certain mistakes are actually the fault of the photographer to begin with. These mistakes could have easily been prevented if the photographer had applied foresight.

Planning is a big part of covering an event for a photographer and the best-laid plans can help prevent certain situations from occurring. In this article, we explain some of the mistakes that the photographers are liable to make when certain details are ignored.

  • Not finalizing the schedule for the event

Are you the type of photographer to book an event and wait till the day of the wedding to find out the proceedings of things? If you are, then ask yourself how that has worked out for you. It might be time for a change. Most photographers end up regretting on the day of the event not knowing about how the activities of the event are meant to proceed.

The reason being that they find themselves stretched to the limits trying to stay on top of things and they end up missing key moments. Therefore, we advise that as a photographer, you ask for the order of events, agree on a schedule with the client and finalize it ahead of the event. With the finalized schedule, you already have an idea what to expect and you already have a plan of attack making the whole picture taking activity less chaotic.

  • Not sticking to the finalized schedule

So, you agreed on a schedule with your client but chose to do your own thing on the day of the wedding? Doing this may not only put off your client but introduce disorder to the whole event. There was a reason why your client decided to arrange for a schedule with you to make things easier on both of you.

If a reason comes up that has you ignoring the already set schedule, then it would be best to inform the client of the change in plans. This way, you are both on the same page and your client can better brace for the changes.

  • Giving way for the guests to take over

In this age of mobile technology, as a photographer Hampshire, http://www.mooreandmoorephotography.co.uk/ warns that you are bound to come across secondary photographers at the event that you never invited. These secondary photographers are the guests invited to the wedding who need to take pictures for their social media or just for their phone gallery. Regardless of who they are or their reason for taking the picture, you were hired by your client for a reason so do not let the guests get in your way. However, this does not mean you have to be rude about it. If a guest is in your way, politely tell them.

  • Forgetting the details

The beauty lies in the details. Sure, there is a reason why your client contracted the services of you the photographer Hampshire maybe a wedding, birthday etc. But that does not mean you should ignore the beautiful decorations and the guests that make the event what it is. Before heading to the event, think about other elements of the event that could add personality to the album.

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Dos of Formal and Lifestyle Newborn Photography

newborn photographerIt’ll help you arrange your plans and yourself better if you know the things you should do. It can differ from one newborn photographer to the other, so consulting these things will be best.

Formal photography

First is to arrange your feeding time with your baby. In a formal photography, it’s best to have the baby sleeping and calm throughout the session. It can be hard to wish for a session with no disruptions at all, but the best mothers can do is to have the baby fed before starting it. This can mean that you have to compromise with your strict feeding schedule, but it’ll help a lot.

Secondly, remember to dress the baby comfortably. What we mean is to have the baby dressed in something that is easy to take off when you arrive. It’s most preferred to have him covered in thick blanket on his way to the studio. If you feed him before arriving, it will also keep the baby as calm as possible and easier to move him around later when he gets to the studio.

Bring snacks and friends. The point is to keep yourself accompanied throughout the session. It’s going to be a very quiet session with not much entertainment except magazines as noises can wake the baby up. If you’re bringing your other kids, don’t forget to bring their favorite toys. You can also invite a friend if your husband can’t accompany you throughout the session.

Discuss your favorite poses with your newborn photographer. You can scroll through sites, like www.kingshillstudios.co.uk, to get inspiration on baby poses. If there’s anything in particular that you really want to see, requests them promptly to your photographer. It’ll help them arrange it during the photography and they’ll also be able to reply back to you whether it’s possible or not.

Lifestyle photography

For lifestyle, set aside a day you can talk with the photographer at your home. The session is going to take place there, so it’s best that the both of you can plan things out and see if there are things that can be changed to make it look better. You can also plan when to clean the house before or after your delivery.

Arrange for natural light to shine better. It’s a good thing for you to understand that natural light is the biggest factor whether a photographer wants to use a room or not. You can sound your opinion if there’s a way to let more light in and see your photographer’s opinion.

Don’t tire yourself out. As a mother, pregnancy and post-labor stage are times when you need to remain well-rested and relaxed. Don’t try to do the cleaning and arranging yourself. Ask for help from your close friends or family members as this is a very important time of your life. You’ll also be able to enjoy yourself better during the photography session.

Everyone’s going to be in the frame. So, don’t forget to arrange for everyone, including your pets, to be home during the session! You can consider this as your family pictures with your baby in the middle of it all. He’s going to bring a big change into the family and your newborn photographer wants to capture that.

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Important Tips When Hiring a Wedding Photographer Hampshire

wedding photographer HampshireGetting pictures of your special day is not a task you should leave up to just any one. That is why, most wedding planners make it a point to have at least a wedding photographer Hampshire that they can call on. This wedding photographer is one they trust to be able to handle the pressure of a wedding.

Now, it is quite easy to approach a family member or friend to help in taking pictures. This will indeed save you a lot in terms of money. However, did you consider the fact that your wedding may only occur once in your lifetime. Therefore, it is imperative you get the best pictures possible.

Here is what you can do to make the life of your wedding photographer easy after hire:

  • Make sure you fully express what you want

Full disclosure or expression of your aspirations of your wedding album is one thing every couple should strive for. You never know if the information you provide may just be the key to unlocking the creative juices of the photographer. Also, the photographer will be better able to handle the job of capturing the moments of the wedding once he knows that you expect certain things.

This is why having a face-to-face session a few days before the wedding is important. You may have had a prior meeting to conclude on the hire but with the wedding a few days away, you need to make sure that you are both on the same page. It also gives you the chance to confirm the attendance of the wedding photographer or ask if there is anything you should be preparing for.

  • Work with him/her to write down the shot sequence

A wedding photographer Hampshire like http://www.danishapple.com/ works better when they collaborate with clients to agree on what should be achieved on the wedding day. A shot list is a powerful tool that can help in achieving the set plans. Literally, a shot list is what a photographer uses to get an idea of the type of images to take at the wedding.

With the input of the couple, the photographer knows where his priority should lie. Never assume that since the photographer is a professional who has covered a lot of weddings, then he or she should already know what to do. Definitely the photographer has the skills and would love to use artistic license but, at the end of the day he or she has to satisfy you. So, make sure you are in unison.

  • Take them to the wedding venue

A good photographer is one that always plans their next move and can also adapt to any unwarranted situations. However, the only way a photographer can react to unpredictable circumstances is if they are armed with substantial information of perhaps their surroundings.  The venue of a wedding can be lively and as such, it pays to prepare your wedding photographer Hampshire on what they can expect.

One thing you can do is to have them visit your wedding venue to allow them understand the layout and possible tackle problems such as lighting issues. Once they have prior information on what could work in their favour or against them, they can prepare for it.

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Unprofessional Photographer Can Ruin Your Wedding!

North Wales wedding photographerThere are a lot of things that can bring disaster to your wedding and one of them is choosing the wrong North Wales wedding photographer for your special day! Let us help you avoid this fatal decision.

Your wedding pictures are going to be something from your wedding that will last for a very long time. They worth more than what you paid; they worth the memory that you made on that special day. How much do you have to pay to return to that day again?

Little to no regards to your special day

Sure, you hired them to take your wedding pictures and you don’t exactly expect them to be cheering on you wholeheartedly. But being able to do so does prove something. At the very least, you want your photographer to be a person that is responsible and care about the wellbeing of the event.

Some photographers show minimum regard for it. This means they don’t care if you look ugly on your pictures; it’s not their job to make you look good! They will also focus on the quantity of the pictures as doing so will make it seem like they’re taking a complete documentation of the day. That’s not always the case and we all know that.

Doesn’t give a care in the presentation

They won’t be that fixated on how to make the wedding album looks as nice as possible. A professional North Wales wedding photographer, like www.mauricerobertsphotography.com, recognizes and develop a certain strong style to complement the look of the album.

That’s does not usually exist in cheap photographers. In fact, they don’t have all the time in the world to be that focused on a single client. The reason is explained on the next point.

Have too many jobs

Cheap photographers don’t focus on quality and tend to be priced much lower than professionals. In order to make ends meet, they have to excel in quantity. This means they will accept as many jobs as they can to earn as much as professionals do, but oftentimes, they don’t.

This impacts the quality they deliver. They’d have to rush things in order to get on with the next order. Given the time, they could’ve done better editing on your pictures and album, but they don’t have that. All because they were never paid much to do that.

Aren’t trained or updated

These photographers who tend to rush things don’t have enough time to train themselves either. When other professional photographers set apart a certain time in the year to attend classes or seminars, they have to take up more jobs.

This impact their quality and eventually, your wedding pictures. You won’t be getting the latest trend or worse. Your photographer might just snatch a pose that was trending with not much consideration and try it on you. Whether both of you look good or not on it does not matter to the photographer.

You want a North Wales wedding photographer that fits your budget, but simply finding one that does is not enough. Remember that professionalism is a must if you don’t want to cry in front of your wedding album.

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Wedding Photography: Did you check the fine print?

wedding photographer ScotlandAside from all those photography skills and experience, there are many other aspects you need to pay attention to, such as your fine print. Of course, your wedding photographer Scotland must have sounded very confident and reassuring, but the safe step to take is that you know what your fine print says about what is included in your package, what does your photographer guarantee, and most importantly, who owns the pictures.

The urge to just sign it

Many did not think it through when they signed the contract with their wedding photographer Scotland. Often, we want to trust our photographer and feel too lazy to read the whole thing because we thought, “What could go wrong? He’s just taking my pictures.” Throw away that mindset because, not just this, but any fine print can contain important points that you’ll regret not reading sooner.

Inability to complaint

There are photographers who put up a statement that goes along this line.

“Customers are not allowed to sound any statements that may potentially damage the reputation of the photographer.”

In other words, your freedom of speech to sound negative reviews are liable to make the photographer sue you. It may sound pretty unfair but take it with a grain of salt.

Most photographers found their position threatened with negative reviews spreading like wildfire. Often, the actual incident may not have been as bad as they tell others, causing a huge damage to their image. This kind of damage can hardly be undone and thus, some photographers will put up this clause in the fine print.

They are, technically, threatening you from giving bad reviews. Which, well, may mean that if you do get a wedding album that you are not satisfied with, will put you at a disadvantage.

However, most photographers put up a guarantee of their quality, like www.andrewweild.com, a talented and professional wedding photographer Scotland.

Ownership of pictures

Did you know that your wedding pictures technically aren’t yours to start with? Most photographers want to protect their piece of work that you commissioned them to do. They want to, especially, increase their exposure through your postings. But with the rights, you are not allowed to post any of your wedding pictures.

So, how? I’m craving to pile up my Instagram feed with my lovey-dovey pictures!

No worries, as I’ve said, they want to increase their exposure, so most of them will provide you with wedding pictures of lower resolution (not that low) with their watermarks. As long as you properly put their credits, they will love wherever you post your wedding pictures at.

Several things you need to note is that without the copyright to your pictures, you are not the owner, thus, you cannot:

  • Reproduce them
  • Sell them
  • Post them without proper crediting

If you ask, yes, there were cases like this (where people sold their pictures to be, for example, featured in bridal magazines). Reproducing pictures are necessary when you lose the physical photographs. Even if you have the digital files, you still need to refer to the original wedding photographer Scotland to get your right to print them again.

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Why Choose Fine Art Photography for Your Wedding?

fine art wedding photographyThere are many photography styles and among them, fine art is the latest to enter the competition. We all have our own preference and what may seem amazing and fantastic to your sister may not look that fabulous to you. However, fine art is different.

It’s not saying that other styles are just similar and fine art is different on its own, but fine art is different in that it entices everybody that sees it. And we are here to tell even more great things about fine art wedding photography.

Visually stunning

http://www.juliaandyou.com/ is a site of a photographer whose style is fine art. She takes pictures from an angle that pulls out the beauty of the moment. Fine art is not about the beauty of candid; it’s about the beauty of the moment, whether formal or natural, envisioned by the photographer herself.

When you take wedding pictures, they weren’t meant to be just kept in your album; you want to be able to show them to others. You want to use each one as wallpapers, post them to places, and make people jealous of how beautiful your wedding was. Fine art is the right style to do all that.

No more reportage?

That’s no more the case these days. Reportage is a way of capturing pictures out of an event to tell the story without words. You are expected to be able to let people know what happened by pictures alone. Fine focuses on what is seen, thus, does not bear meaning in many cases.

But, wedding photographers have been incorporating reportage together with fine art. You are still able to tell that this is a dress-up session, and this is the first kiss, or that is the bouquet tossing. Fine art will not hinder you from getting a wedding story album; it improves the visual quality of it.

Fine art is also very detailed. Whatever catches the eyes of the photographer – your bouquet, buttonholes, that girl, your perfume, that perfectly symmetrical arch, or the beautiful pattern on your wedding dress – as long as they attract people’s attention, you will see fine art in it.

Is it expensive?

No, not really! Most photographers who are able to do fine art photography won’t charge you any more than a typical wedding photographer. They still work the same way, talk the same way, walk the same way, and print the same pictures. The only difference lies in how they see things and capture them for you.

Where to look?

Fine art photography typically focuses on the look. Whatever emotions are shown, let it be tears or laughter, there’s always beauty in it worth capturing. Fine art can be easily seen in posed pictures. Photographer will find the perfect place at the perfect time to capture the perfect moment. It will show your love in the most beautiful way.

Another is to look at Julia and You, a fine art wedding photographer, and see how you love her work. She’s the first choice to go for the fine art style.

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Things To Prep For The Boudoir Photo Shoot

Your skin.

boudoir photography shootBy and large, boudoir photography Scotland is a photography niche that is mainly all about being sexy or feeling comfortable in your own skin and all that comes along with it. This can be really hard for you to embrace when it all comes down to it if you aren’t super confident in the skin that you are in. this is why if you are planning to prep for a boudoir photography Scotland shoot or session so far, you need to get a head start by getting the proper skin for the kind of skin that you have. There is no shortcut to getting your skin in the best state possible. You would have to be patient and persistent in it and do your best to follow through on whatever needs following through with in the first place. Meet up with a dermatologist so that you can get an assessment about your skin’s current state. Do you need an in depth treatment or do you need something very basic like a skin care routine during the day and during the night? Knowing where you stand and where you are at will technically mean all of the difference in the world and this is what you ought to look into as much as you possibly can.

Those hairs!

Imagine the horror of raising your arms up in a sexy manner because it’s part of your boudoir photography Scotland shot itinerary so far only to realize a little too late that you forget to wax and that you have stubby hairs sticking all over the place. It wouldn’t be sexy at all and it might result to you feeling awkward and embarrassed all throughout the boudoir photography Scotland shoot. Coming prepared means that you have made an appointment with your laser or waxing salon at least a week or two out so that you can give your skin enough time to heal and so that it doesn’t end up looking and feeling a little red and swollen all over the place when you have to pose in front of a photographer.

The outfits.

You can’t just show up at the boudoir photography Scotland shoot looking like the way that you normally look like on a daily basis. It needs to be a little more special than that. So do your best to shop around your in your closet. You may even shop for new stuff if you feel that there is a need for it so far. If you don’t really trust in your fashion decisions, bring someone in who can. It may be a friend or a relative or whoever is closest to you so far.

Your state of mind.

You need to be confident and you need to be well in control of what you have in front of you whenever you are set as the subject in a boudoir photography shoot by http://www.ampboudoir.com. Take care of yourself and whenever you feel as if you need a boost, visit the spa, take a day off, write or paint if you want to. There are so many things you can do to get things in the right perspective.

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Why You Would Want to Get Your Newborn Session Booked Now

Calgary newborn photographyAfter getting a positive on your pregnancy result, it marks the beginning of a whole new life. You have 9 months to ready yourself, your husband and for your baby to face the world!

So much to do, so many changes to experience and to make. And this is the time to keep track and document all these life-changing moments to commemorate the day.

Magical pregnancy moment

The moment that you experience during the 9 months of creation is precious. The wondrous feeling is worth recording. Did you know that having a bump makes a woman feel sexier? You’ll feel your confidence boosted!

Bump photography is a great way to take amazing lovely pictures of yourself feeling the magic of pregnancy. Check out Dulce Baby Photography now as they offer bump session upon booking their Calgary newborn photography.

Newborn moment

After going through discomforts for 9 months, your baby has earned all the benefits and grow to a level where she is ready to face the real world. It’s time for the final push!

Newborns are different with babies. Within days after release from the hospital, you will be able to notice the differences in morphology and behavior. They grow really fast! This is why newborn photography has to be done as early as 5 to 14 days after she’s born.

The due date has a 50% chance to miss. There’s a possibility for your water to break earlier or later than the due date that you received. Previously mentioned Calgary newborn photography service provider will set a temporary date, which is usually your due date and is flexible enough to set up a photography session right after a call that you’ve given birth.


Newborns are still fragile. Your newborn photographer has to be very conscious of the safety, hygiene, and comfort of the props and studio. No one should compromise your baby’s security for anything at all, not even great pictures.


The fact that you made the effort to come and stick around for hours to capture your newborn moment requires a lot of energy. It is important that you take as much rest as possible and stay healthy to take care of your baby.

As your newborn photography session goes on, it goes untold that messy set is bound to happen. Don’t be worried that you’ll cause trouble because your newborn is always ready and geared! The best newborn photographer knows what they should and will want the mothers to relax and just enjoy their time.

Everybody is in

Inviting all your family members is only the first step. Incorporating all those people to create amazing, memorable pictures is another thing. The professional newborn photographer is always ready for any kind of family and lets creativity take over.

Sleepy or active baby

Whether your baby is sleeping or wide awake, your photographer will always find a way to capture the moment perfectly and according to your wish!

Cake smash!

Another milestone to mark your baby’s growth! Cake smash session is fun and cute to do. Some babies are excited and hyper at the sight of a birthday cake, while others might find something else more interesting aside from the cake in front of them. Either way, how they explore the cake and play around it is something worth capturing.

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